Jan. 24th, 2008

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Last few days have been rather busy. After my antics regarding AnimeDVDs, the living room was left with a rather unsurprising lack of space. [livejournal.com profile] lenoria_light took considerable askance to that and over the last couple of days there has been a complete overhaul, not just of the living room, but of both bedrooms as well. The dvds and books that had previously been strewn through various corners of the house have been collected, condensed and codified into some racks which I retrieved from their abandoned idleness at Mum's house on Monday evening, while the bookshelf that had resided dustily in my bedroom as an ersatz side-table has been promoted to new prominance in the living room, with the storage of books. Taking its place in my room is my sisters old desk, which fits comfortably between my "wardrobe" and my newly relocated bed, which was moved to take advantage of the extra space vacated by the bookshelf. My television (which used to share space on my previous desk with my computer) is now placed by the open window for the convinience of any passing larcener, and is angled somewhat uncomfortably for general viewing, although my bed has ample view.

While we still await another desk, bookshelf and low filing table they normally sell with desks as a set, the re-arranged furnishings have given a palpably different atmosphere to the place. Especially during the hotter months, the feeling of openness is more welcome than the opressive aura that surrounded the past.

During one of my frequent trips between Mums house and ours, I managed to rediscover the majority of my old Superjesus collection, sadly missing my copies of Sumo and Jet Age (the last Superjesus cd I bought). Soon I'll add them to my cars playlist, and I'll be able to reminisce. :P

Also forgot to mention, need to check availability of "LOLMOBILE"

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