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So I was recovering yesterday after going outside in the terrible heat, my first mistake, when I thought probably the most profound thought that was ever thought yesterday, within a 10 kilometre radius, anyway. I thought: "You know what would make a great numberplate? ROFLATIO." Ponder, and be amazed. :P

So yeah, a few days ago, "The House" decided to get a new television for the living room. 46inch LCD 1080 Sony Bravia. Very nice. The console games are looking HAWT, very sharp and precise. The mechs in my Dynasty Warriors: Gundam actually look like CG renders now, rather than cartoons, which is nice eye-candy even if I did kinda prefer the cartoony look. But the character portraits look alot nicer, as do the weapon effects, so the trade off is all-in-all better. Oh yeah, the TV came with a promotion: free PS3 when you send off proof of purchase etc. So it looks like we'll be picking up a Blue-Ray player as well. :P
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Was getting out of work and looking for a place I could buy a drink on EFTPOS and get some cash out, when I stopped in at one of the ubiquitous newsagents run by asians that litter the CBD. While trying to make up the $10 minimun I needed to get parking money, I noticed a magazine, full colour and glossy, featuring the large text "TOTAL ANIME", with headlines about the new Eva movie, Afro Samurai and Death Note. Considering the longevity of any dedicated print publications on anime, I decided to pick up a copy, and a Goulburn Valley Banana milk to go.

Having just skimmed over it, it seems that "Total Anime" is just a special edition of a magazine called SFX. Doesn't list a website, but the publishers in Ozland are Derwent Howard. Anyway the content seems pretty interesting, while I haven't read a full article, I got partway through the Evangelion Movie report, and plan to read the editorial columns once I get better at Guitar Hero on Hard.

One of the articles that caught my eye was about Magical Girls, including the history and some well known examples. Another comedy (I hope, anyway) article was subtitled "Develop instant superiority to people who only watch anime with our easy guide to becoming an instant manga bore...". While it wasn't much of a how-to, it showcased some popular new and old anime who's manga was clearly superior, and the fraudulent conversations of "Newbie fan" and "Manga bore". :P I can totally see some of these lines coming in handy, especially the Nausicaa ones. :P

Almost forgot to mention, the magazine came with a DVD, but it seems to be another Madman Sampler. I havent even taken it off the cover yet. :P

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