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but I've done another internet quiz.

Also went to see Mist. A really important statistic is that you are more likely to survive in Cloverfield than in The Mist.

Double XP weekend was fairly good, I hope that some of the new players will be willing to tough out the "non-bonus" periods (i.e. the rest of the game), since having more people play increases the fun and XP for all.

Also, Valentines Day is coming up soon I think, so there should be some cool seasonal mishes from DJ Zero of Pocket D. Yay. :P

Next week is the AGM for PAniC. I need to think up a suitably provocative and stimulating speech. :P

My dieting hasn't really gone so well, what with Australia Day on the first week, Jules birthday on the second week, Tahlia's on week three and the AGM on week 4. I'm sure pretty soon we'll run outta weekend events. :P
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Cloverfield is the new big ticket must see movie item for the thinking geeks in January, and anyone who's seen the cinema trailer for it will know why. I went to see it last night, and it really does live up to the hype, although perhaps not in the way that same might expect.

I must advise any who are thinking of seeing the movie to beware motion sickness or general dizzyness. I dont normally suffer from such, but there were moments in the film which made me dizzy, and even now I get woozy if I turn my head too fast. :P

Either way, the movie was really good and I advise people to see it, as long as they take the proper precautions. :P

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