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Monday I bought Drawn to Life second-hand, somewhat leery of the necessity for artistic skill. After a cursory attempt at playing, decided that I'd return it and get my money back.

Tuesday decide to give it a chance, and not return it the day after I bought it. Instead, played Sudoku on Brain Training and did some CoH. Got my Roboneko to level 32.

Today, decide to make a proper go of making a character. After discarding the idea of a 40K Space Marine (the shoulder pads didnt look authentic) I decided to actually make my own.

Initially, I wanted to make Roboneko, but sketching the arm made me quickly realise that Wolverine-claws are boring and hard to draw 2D. Instead, I decided to make the arm I was drawing into a mass of tentacles (see Callisto of Marvel Comics) and, when asking VP_Gav what I should put on its other arm, was duly informed "a scythe".

Drawing a scythe arm which somehow reminds me of the "flesh-hooks" of 40K Lictor fame, along with the tentacles on the other side, made me realise how brilliant this creature was going to be. I rushed the legs and the head, in order to play it faster.

Its legs are bent like the treacherous Tumnus, and the status of its head is in doubt, the entirety of it above the shoulders being encased in a gigantic, orange top hat. I was going to supply it with a barbed tail, but the game engine was not really built to accomodate that.

The creation is devilish. Its name is Frankenos.
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Its that time of year again. Valentines Day. On that note, I resolve that this year I shall finally get the toga, sandals and laurel wreath costume parts on at least two of my characters in the "City of" games. THIS YEAR FOR SURE. :P
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but I've done another internet quiz.

Also went to see Mist. A really important statistic is that you are more likely to survive in Cloverfield than in The Mist.

Double XP weekend was fairly good, I hope that some of the new players will be willing to tough out the "non-bonus" periods (i.e. the rest of the game), since having more people play increases the fun and XP for all.

Also, Valentines Day is coming up soon I think, so there should be some cool seasonal mishes from DJ Zero of Pocket D. Yay. :P

Next week is the AGM for PAniC. I need to think up a suitably provocative and stimulating speech. :P

My dieting hasn't really gone so well, what with Australia Day on the first week, Jules birthday on the second week, Tahlia's on week three and the AGM on week 4. I'm sure pretty soon we'll run outta weekend events. :P
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It's double XP weekend on COH/COV this weekend. Me, sister and Riven will be on on Sunday to push up some of our Heroes up into the 30's hopefully (I hope to get my stone-troller to 35, but thats probably a vain hope). Anyone wants to join, I have 3 or 4 free 10 day trials, as does Riven or Lenoria. :P
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Where did the last 2 weeks go? I'm not sure, but I have a sneaking suspicion. So, I Maxed the levels of all my Dynasty Warriors: Gundam pilots. :P Now all I need to do is grind up all the skills for them, and all the levels and items for all the Gundams. :P I also tried playing Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires, but since I dont really know any of the characters (and since all those asian names look the same to me anyway) I just say things like "I wanna play the pretty boy with the longsword" or "We should take the chick with the winged headdress". :P

Since getting my AnimeDVD collection back in close proximity I've been sampling of all the old shows I used to know and love, watched 1 disk of Nadesico, 1 disk of Super Gals, 2 disks of CCS, 2 disks of Maze (and still going), 2 disks of Initial D 1st, 1 disk of old BGC, I disk of New Cutie Honey... and I've been thinking of grabbing Esacflowne and Lodoss Wars off the shelf too. :P

Finished reading the 5th book of Earth's Children, which I think probably stretches the bounds of historical fiction but was an fairly good read nonetheless. I did get a bit bored by the prolific landscapes that would take pages to describe, but that was mostly in the 4th book which took me probably twice as long to read as the other books (measured by the start and finish dates).

Some may know that I have followed my sister and Riven onto Jenny Craig. Saturday will mark the end of my third week and there is no way that having three BBQ's in my first three weeks will mark stupendous progress. :P That said, I'm more concerned with my waistline than actual weight, which means I probably have to take up the gym eventually. :P Also, doing the basic maths, If i hit my target weight, I will have lost just under 15% of my body weight. I find that a large number. :P

In car news, what about the numberplate "WAIMOBILE"? :P

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