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Last few days have been rather busy. After my antics regarding AnimeDVDs, the living room was left with a rather unsurprising lack of space. [ profile] lenoria_light took considerable askance to that and over the last couple of days there has been a complete overhaul, not just of the living room, but of both bedrooms as well. The dvds and books that had previously been strewn through various corners of the house have been collected, condensed and codified into some racks which I retrieved from their abandoned idleness at Mum's house on Monday evening, while the bookshelf that had resided dustily in my bedroom as an ersatz side-table has been promoted to new prominance in the living room, with the storage of books. Taking its place in my room is my sisters old desk, which fits comfortably between my "wardrobe" and my newly relocated bed, which was moved to take advantage of the extra space vacated by the bookshelf. My television (which used to share space on my previous desk with my computer) is now placed by the open window for the convinience of any passing larcener, and is angled somewhat uncomfortably for general viewing, although my bed has ample view.

While we still await another desk, bookshelf and low filing table they normally sell with desks as a set, the re-arranged furnishings have given a palpably different atmosphere to the place. Especially during the hotter months, the feeling of openness is more welcome than the opressive aura that surrounded the past.

During one of my frequent trips between Mums house and ours, I managed to rediscover the majority of my old Superjesus collection, sadly missing my copies of Sumo and Jet Age (the last Superjesus cd I bought). Soon I'll add them to my cars playlist, and I'll be able to reminisce. :P

Also forgot to mention, need to check availability of "LOLMOBILE"
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Cloverfield is the new big ticket must see movie item for the thinking geeks in January, and anyone who's seen the cinema trailer for it will know why. I went to see it last night, and it really does live up to the hype, although perhaps not in the way that same might expect.

I must advise any who are thinking of seeing the movie to beware motion sickness or general dizzyness. I dont normally suffer from such, but there were moments in the film which made me dizzy, and even now I get woozy if I turn my head too fast. :P

Either way, the movie was really good and I advise people to see it, as long as they take the proper precautions. :P
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So I was recovering yesterday after going outside in the terrible heat, my first mistake, when I thought probably the most profound thought that was ever thought yesterday, within a 10 kilometre radius, anyway. I thought: "You know what would make a great numberplate? ROFLATIO." Ponder, and be amazed. :P

So yeah, a few days ago, "The House" decided to get a new television for the living room. 46inch LCD 1080 Sony Bravia. Very nice. The console games are looking HAWT, very sharp and precise. The mechs in my Dynasty Warriors: Gundam actually look like CG renders now, rather than cartoons, which is nice eye-candy even if I did kinda prefer the cartoony look. But the character portraits look alot nicer, as do the weapon effects, so the trade off is all-in-all better. Oh yeah, the TV came with a promotion: free PS3 when you send off proof of purchase etc. So it looks like we'll be picking up a Blue-Ray player as well. :P
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Was getting out of work and looking for a place I could buy a drink on EFTPOS and get some cash out, when I stopped in at one of the ubiquitous newsagents run by asians that litter the CBD. While trying to make up the $10 minimun I needed to get parking money, I noticed a magazine, full colour and glossy, featuring the large text "TOTAL ANIME", with headlines about the new Eva movie, Afro Samurai and Death Note. Considering the longevity of any dedicated print publications on anime, I decided to pick up a copy, and a Goulburn Valley Banana milk to go.

Having just skimmed over it, it seems that "Total Anime" is just a special edition of a magazine called SFX. Doesn't list a website, but the publishers in Ozland are Derwent Howard. Anyway the content seems pretty interesting, while I haven't read a full article, I got partway through the Evangelion Movie report, and plan to read the editorial columns once I get better at Guitar Hero on Hard.

One of the articles that caught my eye was about Magical Girls, including the history and some well known examples. Another comedy (I hope, anyway) article was subtitled "Develop instant superiority to people who only watch anime with our easy guide to becoming an instant manga bore...". While it wasn't much of a how-to, it showcased some popular new and old anime who's manga was clearly superior, and the fraudulent conversations of "Newbie fan" and "Manga bore". :P I can totally see some of these lines coming in handy, especially the Nausicaa ones. :P

Almost forgot to mention, the magazine came with a DVD, but it seems to be another Madman Sampler. I havent even taken it off the cover yet. :P
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For the last three days, I've been eating sit down dinners at restaurants. !!! Thats almost half a week devoted to expensive dining. Today, there is no restaurant dinner, and I begin to feel the pangs of hunger and wonder where and how my next meal will be coming. Over the weekend, I have lost valuable survival skills that previous, wild versions of myself may have used but havent been necessary for later generations. Without a wait-person, printed menus and 7 or so other people to eat with, (not to mention a doubling of the price) I have no context with which to understand when to eat. Pavlovian.

That said, I must always order the Steak and Ribs from Hogs Breath with Hickory Smoked sauce. And never take entree's.

For those unknowing, I've been experiencing computer failure in my primary box (currently borrowing Riven's spare box for my general computing needs), but each time this happens I am brought closer and closer to getting a IntelMac instead. Since I've started storing most of my data on External HD's anyway, the prospect is generally appealing. What bothers me most is having to share my web between two OS's. I saw an article awhile ago about running firefox off removable media such as a flash drive, which seems like a good idea, but it still suffers from the OS divide. That said, MacOS can really do everthing I need it to do now, except gaming, and BootCamp can provide an inelegant way of providing that, with the added bonus of being able to send the box off to someone else to fix if I need it done. I understand Macs have a 2 year warranty or something, which is good because none of my PC's have ever lasted two years problem free. :P

Anyway, this recent thread on the PaniC forums has caused me to miss the piles of AnimeDVDs I once took for granted, I'll be heading by my mum's place later to pick them up. Brumby.
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Thats right, I'm making a post. I must be suitably detached from my normal thought processes enough to think that the second coming of The Web is something that should be indulged... at leisure. Parasigmatism. I'm still not really sure what the whole online journal thing is suppost to be about, and since I'm borrowing Riven's second PC atm I dont have any of my stuff on here to fool around with, and that may be the reason why I need another beer to get me through this. BRB

So I think that this is gonna be much like the forums for me. Once we reach a critical mass of people, there will be a constant influx of new things to read, and everything will be apples. Smartness of content very not guaranteed. Just like the forums, lol. Seriously though, I love the forums. They are the proof for me that Wai Con isnt just the comittee and their friends and family. Admittedly, the numbers from the last con were pretty large, but between Sonictail and Lenoria, I think they could have pulled it off, just like in the Truman Show. BUT REAL. I'll let you all ponder that a moment.

Umm, well. I dont know if my day to day activities are gonna be exciting enough to even make weekly posts, but I'll do my best. Also, love my brumby. And hate my PC, wondering if I should go for one of dem crazy IntelMacs. I miss my auto spellchecker.


Dec. 24th, 2005 11:07 am
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So, I've stopped playing WoW for awhile now... Been playing Vampire - Bloodlines and Neverwinter Nights - Diamond. Also been watching Teen Titans, Nadia, Escaflowne and Kino again. Reading CCS manga, Ragnarok, Wheel of Time, X-Factor, Excalibur, Spawn, Silver Surfer, Emma and The Books of Magic. Oh, and DnD Sourcebooks.

My car's battery is flat. Umm... well thats my update I think. Not really much going on.


Oct. 31st, 2005 01:34 am
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Take the quiz: "What Kind Of Weapon Are you?"

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I Win. :P
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My two gravestones. )

Well, there hasnt been much going on here. I kinda skipped town on the 21st party cleanup, and crashed at a friends place for awhile while the aftermath hit. Since then, I've come back, only just in time to catch a flu. Oh well. The primary manifestation of this is a sore throat and phlemmy lungs, although the cat sleeping on my bed certainly doesnt help. :P

Well, I'm almost off my Harry Potter fanfic "thing", I'm just not getting the same buzz anymore. Some of my favourite fics also ended recently and honestly I cant be bothered digging up more to replace them, if they can be replaced. Instead, I've dug up old copies of the Wheel of Time series, despite general disapproval from people who're more widely read than I. Well, I still enjoy them at any rate, I'm about a 1/3 of the way through book 2 atm.

On the anime front - absolutely nothing. Whatsoever. *sigh* I cant say I care enough to keep up with the latest latest things for the time being. Although, if anyone can help me get up to date on certain mangas that I have been missing, that would be cool. My list of manga that needs updating is - Busou Renkin, Emma, Koi Kaze, Mahou Sensei Negima, Mai-hime, MAR, Naruto, School Rumble, Tsubasa and Yakitate Japan.

WoW is still going strong, as always. To complement my Rogue, my Feral Druid is tearing the place up, although its difficult to actually find a group that needs feral druids, and I cant be bothered healing anyway. Our progress in Molten Core is coming nicely, with our ragtag coalition of raiders organised by Riven and Misskitty, with me as ML (Master Lootwhore), finally summoning the Majorhomo last Saturday. Our best attempt managed to get 4 of his 8 bodyguards down, before running out of mana and tanks. Hopefully, next week will result in a better showing, especially if we get there faster and with fewer wipes. I also condemn Zul'Gurub, and the bastard race that spawned it.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have recovered enough from this disease to at least do the laundry and dishes I said I'd do a couple of days ago. :P
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You Are 50% Boyish and 50% Girlish

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That quiz was pretty uninformative, really. Pretty binary questions.


Oct. 18th, 2005 12:31 pm
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Your Power Color Is Lime Green

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You Are A: Turtle!

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I definately got the "consolation prize" cute creature I think. :P
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Awesome fun, even if I was stalking around most of the time glaring at people. :P

Relatively quiet too, until (I think it was Tom) started screaming drunken obsceneties from the from porch at 3am. :P

Look forward to more party reports. :P
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Even when I'm sitting here with my computer which I finally moved from Riven's place to my sis's, and its Quarter to 3 in the morning, and there's no one else awake, I'm still dazzled by how unbelievably awesome I am.

Once again, the default emotes lack the specific definition of what I'm feeling now, I'll have to hand-enter it. :P
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So, Friday was the day of the big fundraising screening of Howl's Moving Castle. The whole house cleared out for this, even the often-absent Steve joining the roadtrip over to Luna for the show. We saw [ profile] argowal as we were parking.

Sadly, I couldnt bum any cash off my sister, as she was out of it herself. I had to go to the atm, which at least meant that I could pay back my share of the gorceries we did the other day. Yeah, so that and my ticket sorted out, we did the usual "hang out in the foyer" thing, with the usual strict delineation of friend constellations, with the usual shooting stars providing links between groups.

As I practiced my usual "stand slightly apart to minimise interactions" form, I was... well surprised to notice someone else seemingly beyond the periphery of the established groups. Since she was obviously not part of my sister's group of friends, and didn't seem to be one of the Panic/UWAnime crew I must admit I felt a bit sorry for her, she seemed a bit lonely. Of course, I didnt take it upon myself to talk to her, you can't tell with some people after all. I noticed she sat alone in the cinema too.

The movie itself was... fairly typical of Miyazaki and Ghibli. Insofar as it went somewhat over my head. In any case, I feel a bit more sympathetic for the people who felt that Harry's romance in HBP felt "rushed" (trying to minimise spoilers here). Although I fully expected the romantic elements in Howl's, when it happened it caught me by surprise.

After the movie a few folks came back to the house for drinks and gossip. Pretty dull, but eventually we got on the topic of Drawn Together, and started watching the horrible, horrible acts of these cartoon reality tv denizens.

Thats all for tonight folks. :P
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Continued! )
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So, lets not talk about WoW today. Lets talk about whats been going down. )

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Is dead fun. :P

Riven gets to generate new tactics to use against bosses, I get to deal the mad DPS'z'z'z and BE THE MASHITA OF L3WT AND PWN THE RAID!

Riven got a new tanking ring, and Shomei got *another* Epic sword. Lots of coins, and lots of the new collectable loots for quests.

Well, going to make some eats for foodyness breakfast. And get my thirstylicious juices of tomato. :P

This weekend, Hakkar will fall! :P
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Well I have to admit that staying at my sister's place, while still not "home" to me, is a nice change to my previous living. First and foremost, I'm getting far less sensitive to the cold as the house is "freezing" by my old definitions pretty much all day. Its getting better though, the worst of winter is over and the icy sting has gone out of the air.

My room is conforming more to what I think my room should be like. Juxtaposed the TV and the bookshelf, which is cool, although the couch is now facing an empty bookshelf. While I find this somewhat fitting, as I am more often concerned with reading than television, but most find having to looks sideways on the couch to see the television somewhat... cumbersome. :P

I also did laundry for the first time since I was at Dad's house, which was somewhat amusing. Although give me liquid detergent over powder if I could have the choice. :P

I dont know why, but the day really seems longer when I'm here, rather than when I'm at mums place. Yesterday I did laundry, moved the stuff about my room, finished book 4, took 2 naps and "fixed" the network cables in the living room and sisters room (fixed = plugged in both ends successfully), and also mucked around on aids's computer getting him a working torrent and upgrading his firefox. I wouldnt have got through half those things in any other place (except perhaps Dad's). I dunno, perhaps I enjoy this environment.

News from the weekend. Friday played Soldiers: Heroes of WW2 with the guys at the "House of Gaming", and watched Katamari Damacy, the ultimate rolling-ball-to-pick-up-stuff game for PS2. Great fun, gives a whole new meaning to "50 points for the old lady with the shopping cart". Its great to revisit the starting area's in that game, and pick up the entire place in one fell swoop! They will pay for mocking you! :P

On to the WoW front, Saturday had the usual MC run, I managed to score me some more EPIX! Nightslayer Pants. I'm happy with the pants, being a nice upgrade from the Devilsaur leggings I had before, but I do wish they were more red. How can I possibly be "THE SCARLET NOSAJ" without having clothes of red?! :P Shame shame. I was loot master for Onyxia on Sunday, and sadly my Viskag didnt drop, it denies me what is rightfully mine! :P But it was cool being a loot master for epix, I was raid leader in name both days, although I delegated all responsibility to Riven and Sciata. :P

Went to Feddies Sunday for dinner, used the best line ever while we were waiting for our food (eat in). Riven was saying how he hates to lead raids, and having led two raids this weekend he was ridiculously tired. Being me, I waved an imaginary wand in the air, pointed it at him, and said "Riddikulus!". I'm pretty sure he wasnt a boggart, since he wasnt scarey either before or after, although he did seem more tired after. I didnt have a wand though, so I'm not sure. :P

Anyway, I'd better finish Book 5 again and pass it to him, since he tells me he finished Book 4. Hopefully, I'll be done before Zul'Gurub comes out, which hopefully will be tonight.
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I am so gonna steal the username [ profile] nosaj one day.
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