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Perhaps it is prophetic of my history with computers that this has occurred, and is certainly a good justification for my previous resolution to get the Apple Protection Plan for my iMac, but today while I was finalising the copying of data from the other computers I've been using I inadvertently deleted what I estimate to be 100 gigs of data, including almost 30 gigs of manga.

I only noticed this when I went to throw a video into iTunes for upload to my Touch and couldn't find it in the place i left it yesterday. Turns out I'd overwritten some directories by saying "Yes" to certain prompts while copying, those prompts saying "Do you want to replace the existing directory with the new one?" LOL@me :P

Fortunately it was on my 2Tb external storage, so the likelihood of the data being overwritten in the 1/2 hour to an hour before I noticed is fairly low. One data recovery later and I expect to have my data back, or at least enough for it not to matter.

I've also had a go at setting up bootcamp, which is so far failing spectacularly (although I believe its a problem with the XP install disk I'm using). Tomorrow I'll try re-burning the disk (It's a slipstreamed SP3 disk) and give it another go. Not that I'm too worried, the Mac is turning out to be as good as the hype, I'm loving it so far. :P
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