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I just reactivated my old Paypal account. Why? To buy stuff I guess, although I really cant remember what got me going on it tonight. Every few months I'll make a new account only to remember that my bank details are already assigned to my old paypal account. And everytime that happens, I always try a little dance with the "recover your email address" option they have there usually resulting in my incumbent frustration and a vow to call them during business hours to fix it.

Not today! I don't know when they changed it, but tonight they asked me for alot of the same stuff as before, but I actually got the phone number I used to signup right! (Had the area code on it). So now I'm once again the proud owner of my original account, circa 2003. It was signed up with an Internode email address, lol.

So now I'm going through and updating all my information on the system to make sure it doesn't happen again. One thing that struck me as amusing was the timezone: I had it set to -8 (Los Angeles Time). I guess when I signed up Australia wasn't implemented yet, or I was too noob to remember which 8 was Perth. :P

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