Feb. 27th, 2008

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Monday I bought Drawn to Life second-hand, somewhat leery of the necessity for artistic skill. After a cursory attempt at playing, decided that I'd return it and get my money back.

Tuesday decide to give it a chance, and not return it the day after I bought it. Instead, played Sudoku on Brain Training and did some CoH. Got my Roboneko to level 32.

Today, decide to make a proper go of making a character. After discarding the idea of a 40K Space Marine (the shoulder pads didnt look authentic) I decided to actually make my own.

Initially, I wanted to make Roboneko, but sketching the arm made me quickly realise that Wolverine-claws are boring and hard to draw 2D. Instead, I decided to make the arm I was drawing into a mass of tentacles (see Callisto of Marvel Comics) and, when asking VP_Gav what I should put on its other arm, was duly informed "a scythe".

Drawing a scythe arm which somehow reminds me of the "flesh-hooks" of 40K Lictor fame, along with the tentacles on the other side, made me realise how brilliant this creature was going to be. I rushed the legs and the head, in order to play it faster.

Its legs are bent like the treacherous Tumnus, and the status of its head is in doubt, the entirety of it above the shoulders being encased in a gigantic, orange top hat. I was going to supply it with a barbed tail, but the game engine was not really built to accomodate that.

The creation is devilish. Its name is Frankenos.

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