Jan. 18th, 2008

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So I was recovering yesterday after going outside in the terrible heat, my first mistake, when I thought probably the most profound thought that was ever thought yesterday, within a 10 kilometre radius, anyway. I thought: "You know what would make a great numberplate? ROFLATIO." Ponder, and be amazed. :P

So yeah, a few days ago, "The House" decided to get a new television for the living room. 46inch LCD 1080 Sony Bravia. Very nice. The console games are looking HAWT, very sharp and precise. The mechs in my Dynasty Warriors: Gundam actually look like CG renders now, rather than cartoons, which is nice eye-candy even if I did kinda prefer the cartoony look. But the character portraits look alot nicer, as do the weapon effects, so the trade off is all-in-all better. Oh yeah, the TV came with a promotion: free PS3 when you send off proof of purchase etc. So it looks like we'll be picking up a Blue-Ray player as well. :P

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