Jan. 14th, 2008

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For the last three days, I've been eating sit down dinners at restaurants. !!! Thats almost half a week devoted to expensive dining. Today, there is no restaurant dinner, and I begin to feel the pangs of hunger and wonder where and how my next meal will be coming. Over the weekend, I have lost valuable survival skills that previous, wild versions of myself may have used but havent been necessary for later generations. Without a wait-person, printed menus and 7 or so other people to eat with, (not to mention a doubling of the price) I have no context with which to understand when to eat. Pavlovian.

That said, I must always order the Steak and Ribs from Hogs Breath with Hickory Smoked sauce. And never take entree's.

For those unknowing, I've been experiencing computer failure in my primary box (currently borrowing Riven's spare box for my general computing needs), but each time this happens I am brought closer and closer to getting a IntelMac instead. Since I've started storing most of my data on External HD's anyway, the prospect is generally appealing. What bothers me most is having to share my web between two OS's. I saw an article awhile ago about running firefox off removable media such as a flash drive, which seems like a good idea, but it still suffers from the OS divide. That said, MacOS can really do everthing I need it to do now, except gaming, and BootCamp can provide an inelegant way of providing that, with the added bonus of being able to send the box off to someone else to fix if I need it done. I understand Macs have a 2 year warranty or something, which is good because none of my PC's have ever lasted two years problem free. :P

Anyway, this recent thread on the PaniC forums has caused me to miss the piles of AnimeDVDs I once took for granted, I'll be heading by my mum's place later to pick them up. Brumby.

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